How can LED lighting improve the mobile user experience

Providing a city with free WiFi hotspots is advantageous both for residents and tourists, who would enjoy an internet connection without data woes, and for the local economy, which would largely benefit from increased levels of trade and tourism. 

LED lighting systems can help improve the mobile experience in cities

LED lighting is helping transform mobile networks and providing the infrastructure for scalable Smart City development.

The world is witnessing a rapid expansion of mobile broadband use.
The most recent studies predict global mobile data usage will double by the end of 2020, as more people want access to information and applications on the move.
This is combined with increased demand for coverage and capacity of mobile networks.

In dense urban areas where space is limited, operators can struggle to increase network sites to cope with the growing demand.
To combat this problem, our Shuffle columns - the first connected streetlight to be launched on the market - now incorporates small cell technology; improving network coverage for end-users on the street.

Street lighting is the one constant presence in every town and city throughout the world. 
By integrating small cells within the lighting columns, there is no need for additional street furniture and the collaboration between local authorities and mobile operators can be approved - allowing us all to benefit from the development of truly Smart Cities.