Cities people love to live in

Werner de Wolf - Schréder CEO
Werner de Wolf
Chief Executive Officer - Schréder

We are living in an era of urbanisation: more people than ever before are choosing to live, work and play in cities. More than half of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas, and by the middle of this century 68% of us will be living in cities, according to UN forecasts.

What does that mean for mayors, city planners and architects?

As the urban population grows, so do citizens’ expectations.
Bigger, denser cities need better management, so investing in the latest technology for urban systems makes sense.
The next generation of city-dwellers want safe, welcoming and attractive spaces which also provide a strong sense of identity.

Schréder can provide all this, working alongside you to show your town in its most flattering light.
Every city is unique: the right lighting can make it sparkle.

Schréder's urban lighting solutions can bring your city's character to life at night in a sustainable way

Your Character 

Every place has a story to tell. 

Lighting should do four things to honour a city’s character: it should respect the city, by blending in seamlessly; enhance the landscape by day and by night; enrich the city’s heritage by putting monuments both old and new in the best possible light; and create something new, whether that’s a bespoke lighting plan or a whole new fixture.


Schréder's lighting solutions create spaces where people feel safe and comfortable at night to build a community

Your Community

The right light can help build communities.

When cities create safe, welcoming spaces where people want to spend time, whatever the time, economic and social interaction naturally increases. Sympathetic lighting, and street furniture that includes security equipment, foster a sense of safety and comfort for everyone who wants to use the city after dark.
The most spectacular cities come alive at night, with landmark buildings cloaked in colour for special dates, events or moments. Feel the glow of community.


Schréder's urban lighting solutions creates cities that are alive at night while protecting our fragile environment

Your Environment

Cities aren’t just for humans. Flora, fauna and the stars in the night sky are all a vital part of the urban experience.
Badly targeted, intense, blue-toned lighting has disturbed animals, insects, plants, and our sleep over decades. That’s all changing, with dimmable, tuneable luminaries that let you combine bright streets and dark skies.
This isn’t just about complying with new laws on light pollution, BUT ALSO going further to innovate and create sustaining, healthy light for us all.


Schréder urban lighting solutions are built to create a sustainable future for our people and our cities

Your Future

For over a century, we’ve developed lighting systems with a long life, helped cities reduce their energy consumption, and used durable materials.
Making lighting a part of the circular economy is a natural next step in our history of innovation.
We’re working with urban partners worldwide to create business models, lighting systems and products that ensure coming generations have bright horizons.


Great lighting creates meaningful moments, but all too often those responsible for designing and building the cities we live in have to make trade-offs.
Nightlife or wildlife?
Bright streets or dark skies?
Energy saving, or energised citizens?

Over the next few weeks, we will be showing you how Schréder’s expertise means you can have it all.
Cities that people love to live in! 
So... #whycompromise?


About the writer
Werner is CEO at Schréder, driving the 112-year-old worldwide company’s vision and growth. With more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, he firmly believes that infrastructure powers possibilities to help people and communities thrive.