Unlock data to automate processes and deliver benefits for all

To be truly smart, a city must use technology and data to automate tasks and respond to changing needs in real-time. Armed with insights, smart lighting systems can maximise their performance from adjusting brightness to real-time traffic and weather conditions to reducing manual interventions. 

Read our white paper to find out more about: 

  • the type of processes that can be automated; 
  • how automations work;
  • how automation can help cities adapt to continuous disruption;
  • the importance of a cloud computing platform; 
  • how everyone from citizens to operators can benefit. 
Schréder EXEDRA automation driven white paper
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Bad Hersfeld makes good decisions thanks to automation by Schréder EXEDRA

A firm believer in leveraging digital technology to find long-term solutions, the local authorities of Bad Hersfeld wanted a smart lighting network that would help them to ensure safety for citizens while using less energy to combat climate change and protect the environment.

New street lights integrate sensors that collect weather, traffic and environmental data, which is sent to a platform and assessed in real-time. Thanks to the automation power of Schréder EXEDRA, the lighting in these areas is adapted to real-time traffic and road use. This maximises safety for pedestrians and drivers during rush hour traffic and saves energy when there is very little or no movement.

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Thanks to automation, Schréder EXEDRA adapts lighting levels according to weather conditions in Bad Hersfeld
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