Sion adaptive lighting upgrade

Adaptive street lighting with Schréder EXEDRA LightSync increases safety and reduces energy costs

Sion, the historic capital of the Swiss canton of Valais, is a strategic gateway to some of the world's most famous ski resorts such as Crans Montana, Saas-Fee and Zermatt. Road safety is a priority for the local authorities and drivers must have perfect visibility after dark, especially during the popular ski season. Yet, the town found the lighting was too bright at other times. 

As traffic conditions vary greatly depending on the time of year and weather conditions, how could they find the perfect balance between ensuring safety and minimising the light when it is not needed to reduce energy costs and light pollution?

Innovative adaptive street lighting to balance safety and energy consumption

In 2023, the local authorities, together with local street lighting operator OIKEN, decided to implement a groundbreaking smart lighting solution to optimise energy use while ensuring the safety of residents and tourists. The adaptive street lighting solution introduces an innovative approach that automatically adjusts the lighting levels to traffic conditions.

This is achieved by integrating Schréder's advanced LightSync algorithm with the EXEDRA lighting control system, eliminating the need for conventional sensors. Initial tests on a short stretch of road showed promising results, leading to a wider deployment on main roads.

Route de Nendaz

We were looking for an effective solution to improve the efficiency of our lighting infrastructure while ensuring the safety of our citizens. Schréder's proposal to use LightSync software for adaptive lighting control was a decisive factor.

Jérôme Luyet - Outdoor Lighting Manager - OIKEN
Jérôme Luyet
Outdoor Lighting Manager - OIKEN

Efficiency without compromise

The Schréder EXEDRA platform provides continuous monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the adaptive street lighting in real time. The lighting operator can consult the intuitive platform at any time and easily see the light output level that meets the ever-changing needs of the town.

This hands-off approach to lighting management not only results in significant energy savings, but also reduces light pollution and contributes to the safety and well-being of visitors to the ski resorts.

Jérôme Luyet - Outdoor Lighting Manager - OIKEN
Jérôme Luyet
Outdoor Lighting Manager - OIKEN

Less (hardware) is more

As the town of Sion was already using the Schréder EXEDRA platform to monitor its lighting network, which includes Schréder classics such as the YOA and PIANO as well as third-party luminaires, and optimise operations, there was no need to install any additional infrastructure, avoiding road closures and unnecessary costs.

Using cloud computing, Schréder EXEDRA communicates with the cloud to retrieve data and convert it into precise lighting levels, adjusting the light to the current traffic conditions without any additional hardware.

Marco Guanieri - Connected Solutions Expert – Schréder Swiss
Marco Guarneri
Connected Solutions Expert – Schréder Swiss

A strategic collaboration that sets new standards in lighting management

This innovative project underlines Sion's commitment to sustainability, efficiency and safety. It demonstrates how cutting-edge technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing street lighting infrastructure to achieve remarkable energy savings, preserve the environment and improve public safety. It sets a benchmark for other towns and cities. 

It brings a new level of reliability and automation, making it possible to manage lighting based on actual traffic volumes without the need for physical sensors.

Alexandre Bacuzzi - Sales Director – Schréder Swiss
Alexandre Bacuzzi
Sales Director – Schréder Swiss

This first milestone has encouraged OIKEN to explore the possibilities of using the Schréder EXEDRA LightSync solution in the 26 municipalities where it manages street lighting.