Montegranaro sports hall

Energy-efficient basketball lighting solution reduces costs and inspires players

The town of Montegranaro, south of Ancona, is renowned for its handmade shoes and basketball team, Sutor Basket Montegranaro. Founded in 1955, the club evolved in the lower divisions in its early years but rose through the ranks to the first division Serie A in 2006 to become part of the Italian basketball elite.

In 2020, the local authorities decided to upgrade the lighting in the local sports hall that the Sutor Basket team uses for training and matches to comply with the national standards and reduce energy costs

With our strong expertise in lighting design, the local authorities called upon us to ensure that the new solution met all of the requirements. 

Less energy and less money 

After reviewing the hall, with its high ceiling and reflective floor, and studying the required lighting levels, we proposed a solution with INDU BAY and INDU FLOOD luminaires suspended from the ceiling. 
Thanks to the high efficiency of these luminaires, only 28 floodlights were necessary, reducing the initial investment, energy consumption and any potential maintenance costs. 

Sporting excellence

The luminaires deliver a glare-free, bright white light to ensure perfect visibility with excellent uniformity across the entire length of the court so that the players and referees do not take their eye of the ball for one second! 
The robust design and long-life of the LEDs will guarantee high performance that will go the distance, outlasting many a championship. 

A high-class sports hall

Designed to meet the national basketball lighting standards and reduce operating costs, the new lighting ensures functional efficiency and sporting excellence.
It goes beyond respecting the standards. It provides an excellent facility to inspire the highest level of attainment for all, from the professional basketball players to young locals taking their first sporting steps. 

Via Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 11