Tzaneen relighting plan

Performance and efficiency to perfectly meet the required lighting levels while reducing energy consumption

Tzaneen is a large 'tropical garden town', known for its fruit and vegetable farming in South Africa.
Faced with rising energy costs, the Department of Energy, in conjunction with the Greater Tzaneen Municipality decided to replace the existing floodlights on their high masts with more energy efficient ones.
Six luminaires, each fitted with 1kW high-pressure sodium lamps, were mounted per 40m mast.
The challenge was to meet the current lighting levels with the existing mast spacing while reducing energy consumption.

Several manufacturers proposed and supplied sample luminaires so that the authorities could test the fittings as there are no existing standard or recommendation for high mast lighting in townships.

Schréder proposed 6 OMNIstar LED floodlights (470W) per mast, reducing the power consumption from 6.45kW to 2.82kW - an energy saving of 3.63kW per mast.
The energy savings combined with the reduction in maintenance costs led the Greater Tzaneen Municipality to choice the OMNIstar.

The communities in the relevant areas were also involved in the decision making and found the OMNIstar to be the most efficient, and appreciated the white light of the LEDs.

A total of 60 OMNIstar LED floodlights were supplied to complete the project.

Aghata Street
South Africa