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Schréder EXEDRA

Redefining connected street lighting
and beyond

Connect. Monitor. Control. Automate. Secure. Plan. Optimise. Evolve.


Leverage technology

Maximise energy savings. Optimise operations and maintenance. Decarbonise your streets. Prepare for your smart city. Get the most out of connected lighting for your community with smart solutions that truly enable a brighter future.

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Vincente Mayans Savall - Head of Lighting for Valencia City

Using the information we get from Schréder EXEDRA, we can expand energy-saving activities and reduce or eliminate actions that waste energy.

Vincente Mayans Savall
Municipal Engineer - Head of Lighting Service for the City of Valencia

Why is Schréder EXEDRA
the optimal solution for your city? 

Connect seamlessly

Schréder EXEDRA integrates shared and open technologies, facilitating seamless interaction with third-party software and hardware solutions.

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Plug & play

Schréder EXEDRA's plug & play system streamlines commissioning, enabling detection, testing, geolocation, connection, and data import with full automation.

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Smart decisions

Schréder EXEDRA enables efficient decision-making by providing key insights for rationalisation and optimisation based on data analysis.

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State-of-the-art security

Schréder EXEDRA ensures comprehensive end-to-end security for your city's entire system and services, having earned ISO 27001 certification for state-of-the-art data protection.

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With Schréder EXEDRA ready to go, we are able to create an intelligent network infrastructure.

Benjamin Győri
Smart Consultant - Budapest City Council

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Instant asset creation

Plug the node and let our automated commissioning process handle the rest. The luminaire is geolocated and its data is recognised, verified, and retrieved effortlessly into the user interface. It's as simple as plug and play.

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Your interface, your experience, your benefits

Personalise your dashboard for an optimal smart device management experience. Take advantage of real-time control, dynamic lighting scenarios, scheduled actions, maintenance planning, energy monitoring, and third-party hardware integration. Create routine actions and alerts with our automation engine. Get the experience you want and the benefits you deserve.

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Street lighting in sync with real needs

Any installation controlled by Schréder EXEDRA can be easily upgraded to LightSync, an innovative feature that exploits existing data to adapt street lighting to real-time traffic and weather conditions, improving road user safety, maximising energy savings and minimising light pollution.

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The intuitiveness of the IoT software, meant I could use all of the different options available for the different times of year and our own needs.

Joël Raymond
Deputy Mayor - Lourmarin (France)

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An entire team dedicated to helping you succeed

Partner with Schréder Hyperion's team of 60+ experts in cloud computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, IoT, and data analysis to unlock the full potential of smart city solutions that go beyond lighting.

With Schréder EXEDRA, cities can deliver social, environmental, and economic benefits to their communities while also reaping the rewards of strong operational and financial advantages.

Guilherme Faria
Global Business Development Manager - Smart Cities for Schréder