FLO bracket

With a sleek and modern design, the Flo is the best-seller in the Schréder bracket portfolio


Simply combine the Flo bracket with one of our luminaires for an easy and unique upgrade to your lighting network. With a very distinct shape, its’ “triangle” base is incorporated into every product in this family of brackets (single, double and wall variants available). It is made of die-cast aluminum and is available in all standard Schréder colours. Certified for the loads defined in EN40, the Flo range can be installed on poles for CE marking.

  • Modern design
  • Thanks to its’ “triangle” base, the Flo offers a distinctive shape to your lighting installation.

  • Different colours
  • Available in a large range of colours and configurations, the Flo bracket brings you stunning ensembles for your project.

  • EN40 certified
  • This bracket is compatible for use in EN40 calculations.

  • High-quality aluminium
  • Flo is made from high-quality aluminium for a long-lasting lighting scheme.