Terhills holiday village

Amber LED lighting ensures a harmonious balance between well-being for guests and the local biodiversity

The new Terhills Resort holiday village in Dilsen-Stokkem offers guests a stay in the heart of nature. Spread over 356 hectares in the province of Limburg, the resort borders the Haute Campine National Park and provides an entrance to this unique park in Belgium

The resort, part of the Center Parks Group, is the perfect example of a neglected mining site regenerated into an green oasis. For after the Eisden coal mine closed down in 1987, nature reclaimed the abandoned space, making way for a rich and diverse flora and fauna, with breathtaking views from the top of the slag heaps. When the resort owners decided to open a holiday village, they wanted to combine this stunning landscape with innovation to create a truly eco-friendly site. They built a self-propelled electric shuttle on a 2.5km closed loop takes visitors around the estate to the various attractions.

The entire holiday village was built with respect for the environment:

  • the 250 cottages are made from sustainable materials;
  • almost half of the resort's energy is produced by solar panels;
  • cars are not allowed in the park to make way for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Sustainable lighting to balance the well-being of guests and nature

The lighting for the park's path had to be in line with the sustainability goals and respect for the environment. The managers wanted lighting that would ensure perfect visibility so that their guests could move around safely after dark and take full advantage of the various services on offer. At the same time, the lighting also had to blend in with the environment and not disturb the nocturnal habits of the animals.



Terhills NV


Contracting authority: Terhills NV
Architects: Buelens BVBA + Erik Craps
Engineering consultants: Tractebel Engineering NV + kantoor Hasselt
Installation: EQUANS + kantoor Lummen
5 lux
ave illuminance
high poles

They opted for the TECEO S luminaire with back light control system and a flat glass protector. The TECEO S offers a high photometric performance with the light directly precisely where it is needed with no upward light flux (0% ULOR). Made from sustainable and recyclable materials, it maximises energy savings with a low environmental impact and respects the principles of the circular economy.

With its compact design, the TECEO S harmoniously blends into the landscape. Furthermore, it complements the TECEO 1, which was already present on the estate as it lights the route of the electric shuttle, ensuring an aesthetic coherence in the resort. 

Amber lighting for a harmonious nightlife 

The choice of colour temperature was particularly important to preserve the local biodiversity. Studies have shown that yellow or amber LED lighting is more favourable for wildlife than white LEDs with blue waves as it disrupts less their daily activities like hunting, reproduction and sleep. Research has also shown that amber lighting has no impact on the nocturnal behaviour of bats. 

This wooded environment, surrounded by water, is home to a large population of bats. A responsible lighting that would cause the least disruption to the precious fauna was obvious. Humans have the power to decide, animals don’t!

Raf Vanherle
Electrical Engineering Project Leader - Tractebel

A safe, green getaway in every sense 

To ensure a harmonious integration into the landscape, the luminaires have been installed on 4-metre poles, some of which are already equipped with WiFi and CCTV. They provide an average illuminance of 5 lux in accordance with class P4 of the NBN EN 13201 standard. This standard defines lighting levels for pedestrian and low-traffic areas to guarantee that people can walk safely in a pleasant atmosphere.

A total of 287 TECEO S luminaires, equipped with amber LEDs, were installed to light the paths throughout the holiday village. The environmentally-friendly lighting solution enables holidaymakers to explore this exceptional site and its facilities in safety and comfort all year long and in harmony with the surrounding nature.