Aveiro Port

Industrial lighting cuts energy costs by 79% at this busy port

Aveiro Port plays a vital role in serving a wide range of industries in central and northern Portugal. It has several terminals, where fish, wood and metal cargo is handled. The North Terminal is the main multi-purpose terminal, with two quays, 900m and 250m long, and a surface area of 328,000m². It has a capacity of 4.5 million tonnes per year. 

In 2021, the Port Authority of Aveiro decided to upgrade the outdoor lighting for the entire area of the North Terminal to LED technology. They had several objectives including energy savings and a safer working environment.

Energy-saving industrial LED lighting 

After launching a public tender, the management chose Schréder's industrial lighting solution with INDU FLOOD LED floodlights.

A total of 214 INDUFLOOD GEN2 190W floodlights were installed to replace the old 2x400W fixtures. Considering that traditional discharge lamps have, on average, a 15% loss in light efficiency over their lifetime, the new LED industrial lighting generates significant energy savings of 79%

North Terminal - Aveiro Port


Aveiro Port Authority
old power
new power
energy savings

A more sustainable port

Energy savings are not the only benefits that the port will enjoy thanks to the new LED industrial lighting. Thanks to the robust design of the floodlights and the long life of the LEDs, maintenance operations will be considerably reduced, saving time and money. Fewer disruptions for maintenance will also mean more efficient operations at the port.

The LED lighting will also reduce the port's CO2 emissions, enabling it to achieve its sustainable development goals.

A pleasant working environment

The new industrial lighting delivers a bright white light with higher uniformity and a better perception of colours, improving visibility for employees and vehicle operators. Overall, it has created a safer and more pleasant working environment

This project is a good example of how our industrial lighting can drive down operational costs and contribute to a more conducive workspace.

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