Praia da Rocha walkway

Low energy urban lighting creates safe and welcoming nocturnal space for people to enjoy this popular beach after dark

Located in Portimão on the Algarve coast, Praia da Rocha is one of the most well-known and popular beaches. Every summer this sprawling beach, spread over 146,000m², fills up with tourists from all over the world. 

In 2006, the city had installed a long wooden walkway along the 1.5km coast to deliver numerous social, health and economic benefits for the local community. The walkway provides a safe, accessible path for people of all ages to go for a run, cycle, skateboard or a relaxing stroll while soaking up the magnificent views. It also ensures easy access to the restaurants and bars situated on the beach. Due to the coastal climate, the walkway had deteriorated over the 16 years and in 2022, Portimão City Council decided to completely replace the 1.5-km long path, as well as the access paths, with more resilient wood, adapted to the coastal environment.  

Safe and attractive night-time environment

The council also decided to replace the lighting along the walkway. They wanted an energy-efficient lighting solution to create a safe and pleasant nocturnal ambiance that would encourage people to spend more time outdoors at night and ensure a safe passage for customers making their way to the restaurants. 

They opted for the RIVARA luminaire, with its straight, clean lines, to complement the rectangular architecture of the walkway and for a perfect integration. 

A total of 87 RIVARA luminaires were installed at a height of 5 metres. The RIVARA luminaires deliver a uniform, glare-free soft white light for a secure and comfortable environment. Residents and tourists feel at ease to take full advantage of the facilities at night for some daily exercise or to wine and dine in the restaurants and bars along the Praia da Rocha beach. 

Resilient, long-lasting lighting solution

In addition to the new resilient wood that will withstand the seaside climate, the RIVARA luminaires which are also located a few hundred metres from the sea have been coated with a special finishing to resist the harsh coastal elements. 
With an energy consumption of less than 26W, the RIVARA luminaire is an extremely cost-effective lighting solution. Moreover thanks to the robust materials and long-life of the latest-generation LEDs, the RIVARA street lights will ensure a long service life with very little need for maintenance, reducing operating costs further. 

The council is delighted with the new lighting that provides a safe and enjoyable space for social connection and active lifestyles after dark, with a low environmental impact.

Praia da Rocha walkway


Portimão City Council