Praça do Fonte Nova

New smart lighting solution transforms urban space and surrounding neighbourhood into a safe and welcoming landscape where residents can relax and socialise

The city of Lisbon knows that public areas shape community ties in neighbourhoods.
In 2017, they launched the regeneration of the Alameda Manuel Ricardo Espirito Santo, also known as Praça do Fonte Nova, one of the oldest shopping centres in Lisbon, as part of the city’s “A square in every neighbourhood” plan.
This project is the latest in a series of interventions that aims to create popular public spaces to improve the quality of life and facilitate social interaction for residents.
Near to several schools and commercial facilities, this space was being used an unofficial car park, which was a nightmare for both the drivers and the pedestrians who had to use it.

To spark urban renewal, the local council reorganised the space to create a real car park and redefined a large open space to create a pedestrian zone with new urban furniture and a playground, where residents can relax and play.

As poor lighting had also been contributing to a sense of insecurity, the local authorities decided to replace the lighting.
They wanted an energy-efficient LED lighting solution that would create a warm and welcoming ambiance so that residents would feel at ease to use this space at night.

The pedestrian zone is lit by the Piano luminaire with MY1 fixtures installed under the viaduct.
They are fitted with warm white LEDs to create a warm nocturnal ambiance.

SCULPdot floodlights were installed to uplight the trees. They are fitted with cool white LEDs to create a contrast with the pedestrian zone.

The access roads are lit by the Piano and Teceo luminaires fitted with neutral white LEDs.

All of the luminaires, except the MY1 fixtures, are controlled by the Owlet Nightshift system to dim the light at night and to enable the city to efficiently manage this lighting scheme.

A total of 189 Piano and 12 Teceo luminaires, 108 MY1 fixtures and 138 SCULPdot floodlights were installed.
Schréder also supplied all of the columns and brackets.

The residents are delighted with the new space where they can relax and socialise with their families and friends.

Praça do Fonte Nova